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iSesamo genuine spudger repair opening pry tool for Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad

I actually bought this tool to replace the USB changing board in my sons Samsung Tab 2, he is only 7 and naturally is a bit ruff when plugging / unplugging the micro USB charging lead.

It was not an easy repair as you needed to remove the screen and split the tablet, thankfully with this tool and some videos on YouTube I managed to get the job done.

This is a must have item  in the toolkit

A great innovative and must-have tool that really Work!  GENUINE tool made in Italy.

It will make short work of popping open even the more difficult iPod, iPad, Nokia, Blackberries, HTC and other devices.

A thin sheet of springy steel, designed to slide easily between panels and into microscopic cracks, this tool is much more efficient and longer lasting then plastic opening tools, which rarely last for more then one repair.

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